21 May
Beauty and Style Trends

Beauty and Style trends that will Get You Noticed

Beauty and style trends are mostly faster than the Flash, they run so fast that catching up with them and updating your style catalogue is an art. The popularity of non-invasive skin procedures is on the rise offering great results with minimal to no downtime. The combined effect of technology, innovation and of course what the fashionistas say have a compounded effect on the industry. However, there are few beauty and style trends that will certainly get you noticed.

Bold Blue Eye Makeup

Party season is a perfect occasion to make a statement with bright colours and a hint of glitter. The blue eye makeup is one of the season’s hottest trends flattering every complexion and accentuating your eyes that everyone will remember long after the party is over. Celebrities have been rocking the look in various incarnations on the red carpet and so can you.

Holographic Lips

First glitter lips, then geode lips and now the latest lip trend are here that will get you noticed – the holographic lips. From red to purple to blue, it is all about giving a lipstick an extreme iridescent effect. This lip creation might look quite complicated, but all it takes is a simple swipe of lip gloss. These glosses aren’t just the average one, but from a leading manufacturer which are designed to give your favourite lipstick a totally new and out of this world look.

Wavy Eyebrows

This is the latest trends and making a questionable splash in the beauty world. It is made by simply brushing makeup glue through the brows to create a wave pattern which just looks photoshopped. Strong and bold brows are a new trend and some are taking it to the next level with wavy eyebrows.

A Gorgeous Glow

A healthy glow that gives your skin a subtle sheen is a trend that will get you noticed everywhere you go. People will envy you and would want that too. Yes, having this healthy glow is easier than ever. Cosmetic treatments can help you achieve that, yes, with the advancement in technology and professional skin care machines hitting the market offering non-invasive treatments, having that healthy glow is not only easier but affordable as well. You can undergo facial rejuvenation on IPL machine or microdermabrasion, both of which help in reducing fine lines, age spots, pigmentation and redness. However, before you undergo the treatments, do your own research and find a reputable and reliable salon with certified technicians and high-quality machines.

The above-mentioned are few of the beauty and style trends that are sure to turn heads.