25 Jul
Backyard Decorating

Small Backyard Decorating Ideas

Not everyone has a large backyard, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the fresh air. Use these ideas to give your outdoor space its unique flare.

  • Tree Stump Planter

If you’ve got an old tree stump in your backyard, rejoice, they make the most beautiful planters. Chip away at the centre of the stump with a sharpened mattock, work your way towards the edges of the stump, leaving a 3-inch border to create a hole 4-8 inches deep. Drill sloping drainage holes, add some gravel and then top it with a mix of compost and soil and voila your planter is ready. Plant flowers of your choice.

  • Pallet Flower Display

If you can lay your hands on an old pallet then paint it and show off your flowers near your front door or in a corner of your garden. Lay it vertically and place your flower pots. This vertical display takes up very little space and you can change out the flowers or decor with each season to keep things fresh.

  • Add Some Depth

You cannot change the size of your backyard but can make it look larger than it actually is with these tricks. Hang a few vintage mirrors on your fence so that they reflect the surrounding greenery. The other trick is to use a faux-grass rug, this will offer an illusion of luscious green lawn and will also make your patio space look bigger.

  • Provide Seating

Assess the yard and make some place for the seating arrangement. Invest in space saving furniture like folding tables and chairs, nesting tables or storage ottomans and benches, these two-in-one pieces will save the space and provide storage. You can also invest in wooden furniture if you like the vintage look.

  • Cosy Quarters

Achieve a sense of privacy in an urban space by enclosing it with a tall wooden fence. Prioritise how you plan to use this area before making any decorating decisions. For instance, if you would like to transform it into dining and entertaining area, make sure the grill and table are your first key pieces.

Get creative and revamp your outdoor space to be unique just like you.